Stop Taking Lessons (Withdraw)

Please read these instructions first to stop tuition charges.  

We are sorry to hear you want to stop taking lessons. Life gets busy at times and we understand that. We want you to know all of your options so you can decide if withdrawing is the best choice for you at this time.

If you just need to take a few weeks off, many times staying enrolled is the better choice. Here are the benefits of staying enrolled:

  • You retain the ability to request makeups for any lessons you have missed in the past.
  • You can keep the same time & day for lessons with your favorite teacher.
  • You avoid paying a registration fee when you return.
  • Musical Ladder progress ends when you stop your lessons, so if you can avoid withdrawing you will retain your current MLS level and be able to continue your progress
  • We offer unlimited makeup lessons for advanced cancellations

We offer many ways to makeup any missed lessons

  • Take some hour makeup lessons to work on your favorite songs.
  • Take extra lessons in summer when your teacher has more cancellations.
  • Let a sibling or friend take a lesson or two.
  • Take Skype lessons over the internet with your teacher so you don't lose progress while you are away.
  • Try a new instrument (guitar, piano, drums, violin, etc.)
  • Try some singing lessons.
  • If your teacher doesn't have a time that works for a makeup you can take a makeup lesson with another teacher to gain a different perspective.
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