"I would like to thank West Coast Music Academy for hiring a fantastic teacher such as Nicole! My daughter has picked up lessons quickly because of her instruction and she took her test and passed it - what a wonderful way to end the Summer! Thank you West Coast Music Academy and kudos to Nicole!"

- Peter P.

"My daughter takes piano lessons here. She is a beginner at piano. Her teacher, Jasna, is absolutely amazing. She is patient, kind, form when needed, and makes piano fun. The staff in front are very helpful in coordinating make up lessons and making sure your child is comfortable. 
They offer a great rewards system with ranking bracelets and trophies depending on your child's practice. They have many private rooms for lessons as well as a full stage for performances etc. They offer an assortment of lessons from drums, piano, violin, voice, ukulele, etc. they are very professional and accommodating."

- Laura F.

"Cindy is an exceptional voice teacher. If your child or children love to sing, I highly recommend Cindy for their voice lessons!  And - if you want to learn to sing - do it!! I continue to be amazed at all my progress and ability since working with Cindy.  I had no idea that I had the range or depth of ability that I have developed, which has also increased my speaking abilities and confidence."

- Cynde F.

"I am so pleased with everyone there. You're always greeted with a giant smile and a hello from Chris when you walk in, the instructors are all fantastic and Jeff was a great teacher for my son. I never even minded waiting there while he got his lesson. It's a clean, friendly and professional set up from start to finish. They're a great place to learn with tons of nice people.  A+ all the way."

- Julian M.

"My son enjoyed the summer variety music class. They offered a good deal. No pressure to continue after the summer session ended. The female instructor, I think her name was Joy, was very friendly. Will likely sign my son up again during school break."

- Jerry H.

"We absolutey love Rachel! Mother and daughter both were students of hers.  She is a great teacher! It was so much fun learning piano, we so enjoy our time with Rachel at WestCoast!"

- Sheila I.

"I've been taking lessons at West Coast Music Academy for over 7 years. I've had an amazing experience and look forward continuing at this school for the years to come. You can learn all types of music, from rock to classical to jazz. The teachers are also all very supportive and skilled. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a great music teacher!"

- Kevin G.

"My daughter began taking lessons here 9 months ago. She has taken vocal instruction from a few other places, but by far WCMA has exceeded our expectations! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The teachers are outstanding and the space is welcoming. Also the rehearsal rooms are modern and full of equipment. Most important,  my teenager wants to go and gets up early every Saturday to be there!!! If you are considering learning an instrument or vocals, WCMA is the place to be, they are the best in SCV!!!!"

- Renee B.

"Amazing school! Love it! The teachers here are so wonderful and take valuable time teaching and nurturing each student! They really know what they're doing and I'm so thankful for it!"

- Desiree H.

"I was super impressed with the student recitals . My niece played piano and I was shocked at how well she performed. I've dropped her off at the Academy and the school is really clean and has friendly staff . The piano teacher has never been late and my niece always leaves with a big smile on her face. She says she loves her teacher. Thumbs up !!!!"

- Andy L.

"West Coast Music Academy is wonderful. Miss Joy Yi, in particular, is my favorite because she is not only great with teaching music (she teaches the cello, violin, & viola) in a knowledgeable way, but also carries her lessons in an engaging way. Because of this, my daughter loves going to her lessons. She talks about how awesome, funny, and nice Miss Joy is. My daughter has also improved in her skills for the violin! Thank you Miss Joy!"

- Leslie C.

"My son took drum lessons here for about a year. The staff at the school is extremely friendly. We had to withdraw for financial reasons otherwise we would've stayed. I would recommend the school to anyone looking for instruction and practically any instrument."

- Missi H.

West coast music is a hidden gem in the scv valley. When you walk in you immediately feel that it's friendly & welcoming to its students & families. My daughter had ms Erinn for a year & she made piano the best part of learning to play. She was fun & knew how to connect with my 5 year old. She held my daughter accountable for learning while still creating an environment of enthusiasm. If your looking for a place that can teach your child music--- check out West Coast!

- Alicia R.

"What a great music school! It's extremely affordable and the teachers are really nice and experienced. No matter what level you are, they are always extremely knowledgable. I have a really weird work schedule, so it's can be difficult to schedule my lessons, but West Coast is always very accommodating. Would highly recommend!"

- Tiffany W.

"Such an amazing academy. I brought my daughter and the classes weren't only amazing the teacher were as well. Oh and did I mention very affordable.i will definitely be bringing her back."

- Alissa G.

"My daughter has attended this wonderful music school for over 5 years and has thrived in her violin playing skill.  The teachers are very friendly and nurturing.   We love Joy and her birthday cupcakes, halloween bags and Christmas candy.   They are also very accommodating with rescheduling classes when we had to miss it.  Hours are great too being open late and works well since most kids go after school.  The recitals are always a special event and well orchestrated.  The school truly pushes you to give your best.  Highly recommended for all music loving families.  Two thumbs up!"

- Jenna C.

"My daughter took cello lessons here for a year before we moved. Miss Joy was amazing! She's so patient with beginners and young kids. My daughter constantly asked to take lessons with her every day! We've had nothing but great experiences with the staff. The building is a great set up for having all sorts of lessons running at the same time. Great place to go if you have multiple children playing different instruments."

- Laura K.

"Wonderful experience!!  Miss Joy is a wonderful violin instructor!  My son had fun and learned something new every lesson!!"

- Amy H.

"I used to go to another music school closer to my house but I decided to check out this place through a recommendation of a friend. My brother always hated practicing violin but the teacher at west coast have made him fall in love with the instrument. I look forward to continuing my patronage at WCMA."

- Adrian M.

"My daughter started voice lessons about 4 weeks ago and I am so impressed! In those few short weeks I can already hear improvement and she really loves to go. The school is super convenient and has comfortable waiting rooms. I am always greeted with a smile and hello from the receptionist. Very professional atmosphere but very warm as well. I highly recommend!!!"

- Nancy M.

"I'm currently taking Viola lessons here and I couldn't be more happy with my experience. My instructor, Joy, is an incredible teacher. She explains things well and is very patient with me. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful and I can't recommend this place enough. As an adult I felt discouraged about learning a new instrument, but I'm finally learning to read sheet music and actually learning because of Joy. If you're looking for a place to learn an instrument or want to bring your kids here to learn, I highly recommend it. Especially for Violin or Viola."

- Fonz D.

"My 4 year old has been taking piano lessons for about 7 months and she loves it! We've tried several piano teachers due to changes in our schedule and they're all wonderful and patient.  My daughter loves the Musical Ladder which gives her an incentive to practice daily.  The staff is wonderful, we specially love Chris at the front desk she's always so pleasant and cheerful."

- Jemima M.

"My son has been taking electric guitar lessons here for 5 years. I think the program is great. My son regularly stuns me with a song he is working on and sometimes when he is just fooling around. I hear excellent music coming from him effortlessly and that is only possible with excellent instruction and a well run business to keep it moving forward. I love this place so much that when my other son wanted to try the piano there was only one place I would send him, WCMA. Like everyone we are always busy with other events and competitions but I have never had a problem rescheduling a lesson when heading out of town. I consistently feel like I am getting great value for the money we spend here and I highly recommend giving them a try if you or your child is interested in music."

- Gary M.

"My daughter is learning guitar from Rob for the last 1 year. Rob is very patient and is an excellent teacher. My daughter enjoys her lessons very much. West Coast Music Academy provides a very positive learning experience. Highly recommend this place."

- Ven G.

"My son has been at WCMA for 4 months and has made vast improvements. The staff are amazing and overly helpful, the prices are competitive. The quality of instruction is incredible. We've had to reschedule our lessons twice and they have always been extremely accommodating. We are enjoying our experience very much!"

- Alisa D.

"We love Miss Claire. My son has made lots of progress with her firm but kind instruction methods. He loves going there and playing piano for her. The office staff are also very professional and easy to deal with."

- Zeinoon M.

"I recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn a musical instrument!  The guy who runs the front desk is really nice and professional and my teacher, Alex, is doing a great job of helping me to learn the guitar.  The studio rooms are clean and well-equipped and the teachers I've studied under are very knowledgeable."

- Jenny T.

"My daughter has a very difficult time enjoying new experiences, but immediately bonded to her amazing guitar instructor Rob. She is learning more than I had hoped for and really looks forward to her weekly lessons. The class has been easily rescheduled with 24 hour notice and everyone is very friendly and eager to answer any questions. The lessons and the expectations for learning are appropriate for each student learner, and my sweet 7 year- old says, "best class ever!" A+++"

- Amanda H.

"Great staff and nice facility. My daughter started learning violin and she has been very happy and excited with her teacher. Price is also reasonable."

- Manoj N.

"My son has been going to WCMA since they opened and we love it. I have tried several places before I found WCMA and I highly recommend bringing your kids here.  My son loves going to guitar lesson every week with his teacher Tim who is great .The recitals they put together with all the kids are awesome to watch, you can see how much they have learned from the great teachers here. Jeff the director is always friendly and available to answer questions and makes WCMA a great place to bring your kids. I am glad we found WCMA :)"

- Silvia R.

"Our daughter began taking lesson here 9 months ago. Her teacher Miss Molly she is so great, our daughter love her teacher
how she teach her and we enjoy how our daughter learning new skills. Thank you so much WEST COAST MUSIC!"

- Yolanda N.

"This place is great they make you feel really comfortable and at home when you're there the teachers there are nice and even if you're shy they make you feel comfortable and not afraid to make mistakes."

- Lincoln N.

"Most amazing music academy ever! The staff are extremely friendly and organized. Jeff, the owner, is very flexible and always understanding and ready to accommodate reschedules and/or make up sessions given the notice required. Justin is an amazing piano instructor patient, knowledgeable, and very encouraging. If you are looking for lessons for yourself and/or your children West Coast Music Academy is best fit for you!"

- Tamar S.

"West Coast Music Academy is a wonderful school for all ages. It is a very clean, organized, and prompt on time facility. Instructors are always excited to teach and work with each student. My son is taking piano lessons at WCMA and we see improvement after every lesson. I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in music."

- Vicky M.

"My son learnt piano with Mr. Brian Havey at WCMA for more than 2 years until he started his busy high school life. From our experience, Brian is the best piano teacher we have ever known. He always demonstrates the passion to teach and has new stuff /skills to transfer to his students. I highly recommend him! If you wanted to learn piano, go with Brian ! You won't regret! 
WCMA has friendly staff, nice location, etc. If you live around santa clarita, the school is a wonderful choice."

- Richard L.

"Joy and Jaclyn have been working with my children and we love their patience and expertise. We are truly happy with WCMA!"

- Delmy G.

"My daughter studied guitar with Rob. Every week she came out of her lesson with a big smile and some fun story from her lesson time. She began almost immediately playing challenging classics. Rob quickly adjusted to my daughter's level and made sure she remained challenged. He also opened her up to some great music and helped her to discover what she was really capable of doing as a musician. I found the whole staff at WCMA to be very kind and accommodating whenever we needed to make any kind of change. I appreciated the very personal and excellent service and instruction!"

- Julie K.

"I would and continue to recommend West Coast Academy of Music to all of my friends in Santa Clarita looking for private music lessons. The school is run in a professional manner, the faculty are all caring and nurturing and really take the time to focus on the interests of the students so that each lesson is both productive and fun. I appreciate the fact that the school director is a professional musician as well and takes great care in overseeing the progress of all students. The school also recently implemented a musical ladder awards program which the students love. Can't highly recommend them enough."

- Ryan C.

"West Coast Music Academy is great. The staff is really welcoming and helpful. They offer one-on-one tours of the school for first time visitors, and take the time to answers all your questions and address any of your concerns. The teachers there are all highly trained professional musicians and super friendly and supportive. (This was really evident when I attended their bi-annual recital as well as their rock concert a couple of months ago. The kids who performed were really prepared, excited -- and knocked it out of the ball park.) I recommend WCMA for music lessons to anyone who asks."

- Rhonda S.

"We've been attending West Coast Music Academy off and on for several years and have had nothing but great experiences there. At the moment 3 of my kids are taking voice with 3 different teachers and they are all amazing! They are just as kind and professional with my 6-year-old as they are with my 17-year-old, and my 12-year-old daughter just loves Erin. The front office staff are friendly and always do their best to accommodate special circumstances. A top notch music school I highly recommend."

- Laurisa R.

"Both of my grandchildren are taking lessons at the West Coast Music Academy. The environment is great and the teachers are well qualified, understanding and very patient. Overall, it is a very supportive environment and the kids are learning a lot. They enjoy attending their lessons. Would highly recommend this school."

- Stan N.

"West Coast Music Academy is a top notch music lesson facility! The owner and instructors are all very friendly, patient, and ready to help you master your favorite musical instrument. If you are in the Santa Clarita area and are looking for a great music learning experience, this is the place to go!"

- Tim B.

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