2019 SPRING ROCK CONCERT AND recital information and signup

Welcome to the signup page for our 2019 Spring Rock Concert and Recital!  Here you will find all the information you need to signup your child or yourself for one of the performances.  Below you will find links to the recital information packet.  It is linked to a PDF file so you can either view them on your computer, a mobile device, or print them out.  Please remember:

The Rock Concert will take place on Sunday April 14th and is for those students that sing, play guitar, bass, or drums and would like to perform as part of a band.

The Recital will take place on Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th and is for those students that perform solo on such instruments as Piano, Violin, Voice, Guitar, Woodwinds etc.  

If you are unsure whether or not your child is able to participate in these performances, please consult with your teacher or the front desk first before filling out the signup form.

Once we receive your submission we will process the method of payment we have on file for you for the Recital Fee and any extra tickets you have indicated on the form.

Recital slots are first come first serve and once a particular time slot fills up, we usually cannot make any changes, so if you need a specific time slot please let us know when you sign up as we will not be able to move you to a different time later on.

Please choose an information packet below:

Recital Information Packet (PDF File)

Rock Concert Information Packet (PDF File)

In order to sign your child or yourself up for the performances please fill out the form below and hit submit.

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